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Dear colleagues,

We are organizing a satellite workshop of the 2015 ICQC conference in Beijing, China. “Recent Advances in Electronic Structure Theory” (RAEST2015) will be held in Dong Yuan Hotel, Nanjing, China, from June 1-6, 2015.

This workshop will focus on the recent advances in electronic structure theory, especially for strongly correlated systems and large systems. Poster presentation is also welcome for any participant. Themes in the workshop include:

  • Multi-reference electron correlation methods
  • Novel electron structure methods (density matrix renormalization group, reduced density matrix methods, and others)
  • Low-scaling algorithms for large systems
  • Coupled cluster and related methods
  • Advances in density functional theory and density matrix functional theory

Unfortunately, because of budget constraints, we are not able to cover travel, accommodation, or registration expenses. The registration fee is $400 or 2500 RMB.


More details on this workshop will be put at the website:

The 2015 ICQC conference in Beijing will be held during June 8-13. Please see http://www.icqc2015.org/ for more details.

Organizing Committee of RAEST2015
Important Dates

- Mar. 20, 2015
 Deadline for abstracts

- Mar. 20, 2015
Deadline for early registration
- April. 20, 2015
 Deadline for late registration
- Jun. 1, 2015
 Arrival & Check-in
- Jun. 6, 2015
 Workshop Closing

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